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Such garbage.

ReactJs is a great way to write software. I'm far too time poor to waste my time on "being cool". I choose best of breed development tools that are well supported and allow me to be highly productive.

Only a fool would suggest that ReactJs is simply a hype trend like s new hairstyle.

I don't know your use case, but my experience tells me that people uses react in places where it is absolutely not necessary.

Having state both in the front-end and in the back-end multiplies the complexity of any project, and the gains are only worth if you are (or you have) a good UI designer.

For the rest, the good'ol Rails + Turbolinks, jQuery and SJR can do a fantastic job, without having to think about synchronizing several sources of truth.

You can substitute react with php, Ruby on Rails, angular, meteor. They are just hype cycle that periodically bubble up. This doesn't mean that in a lot of use cases they are the right choice, but denying the hype is like saying that the sky is not blue.

How do you know what is best of breed development?

I do a lot of research and choose tools to suit my tastes.

Same here, we investigate literally everything from Angular (1,2), React, Vue, hell even using just pure JS for a month and settled on React. We never looked back. Developers are happy, CTO is happy, client is happy.

I guess this article is trying point out how people chose things based on hype but fails to understand the difference between choosing X because of hype vs. choosing X because it suits your needs.

> I'm far too time poor to waste my time

To paraphrase Peter Hellier: if you stopped using extra words when one will suffice, maybe you wouldn't be.

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