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I think the issue is more secret discounts - people who dont't clip coupons know they could. People accept that students might get discounts (or seniors, or whatever), but the idea that a website might give you a different price just because it thinks you will pay more rubs people the wrong way.

It rubs me the wrong way too. But rationally, it's just your classic price discrimination tactics (coupons and special discounts) on steroids, so if you aren't upset by those, you shouldn't be upset by this.

I guess my main issue here is the clickbaity title, since I don't think Amazon is making us suckers. The consumer ultimately has the upper hand since they can just choose not to purchase the product, or use a price search engine to find a better deal (which is akin to using a coupon - people that are price-sensitive are more willing to put in effort to save money).

I know that if I browse coupon sites, I can get a discount. If I'm a student I know there are certain discounts, same as a senior. But what are my options when Amazon and others have logged my IP addresses and flagged my account and have determined I can afford to pay extra for everything?

Your option is not to buy if the price is greater than the value you feel you will derive from the purchase.

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