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He has a stake in Bitstamp (an exchange) and, from the sound of it, one or two other blockchain companies (he seems to have a close relationship with Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys so they are very likely Ethereum-based startups). The rest is assumed to be invested in the currencies themselves.

I was at the panel discussion and he seems wayyyy more excited about Ethereum - I wouldn't be surprised if he held more ether at this point (which is probably why he was so enthusiastic).

Then he is going to get rekt. As the DAO debacle demonstrated, the attack surface is utterly baroque, and governance is for shite. Buterin literally said "Turing completeness is a red herring". Smartest thing I ever heard him say.

please take your shitposting back to /r/bitcoin.

Facts and logic, please.

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