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It fundamentally undermines the trustless automated nature of smart contracts.

Surely if you're able to undermine the trustless nature of them, they weren't trustless in the first place - i.e. you're merely trusting a possibly larger group of people to fail to come to an agreement on changing the protocol.

Blockchains don’t offer us a trustless system, but rather a reassignment of trust


I stopped reading this at the point where the author referenced DAO as "Vitalik Buterin's corporation".

If a rogue journalist gets "Donald Trump is great" article published in NYT, bypassing the Editorial board, and 95% of the audience and Editorial board leaves and subscribes to a 'New New York Times' paper started by the same editorial team, has it undermined 'Free Speech'?

Has it undermined their motto "All the news that's fit to print"? Keep in mind, the old NYT still exists with 5% of original capacity.

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