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Show HN: Intuitive AI for better travel (curios.io)
15 points by reverseengineer on Apr 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Great idea, just tested with two cities I'm familiar with (Montreal to Toronto) and it showed very interesting results. Well done!

sleiman, thank you. It recommends best possible signtseeing experience within prefered budget and time. Much more sophisticated than just routing through the cities between two points and adding POI. It is zillion times more sophisticated. I even don't understand it sometimes, then verify and validate, that thing is intelligent...

Cool idea. Just tried it for a UK trip but it could not pick up the place where I wanted to start my trip?

carlmungz, thank you for mentioning this. In UK you could start from ~20 airports. The idea is to fly to the start point, rent a car, and drive to the end point. We could increase the list of start airports to 100, will think of it. It is beta, and your feedback will shape the product.

Ah, right. I was using it as a UK resident trying to plan a road trip as opposed to somebody flying in and trying to plan a road trip. The 20 airports you've chosen will be enough because we only have 20 major airports with international flights.

Pretty cool, but how is this AI? Seems more like it gets various major points on the trip and then finds POIs around each area.

Also why "geeks"? Hopefully that's just a beta thing.


thanks for stopping by, and for your feedback.

AI because it is synthetic intelligence, it does what human intelligence cannot do. It's artificial smartness in NP complexity and CSP. You could calculate money and time expenses yourself, and figure out how accurate they are, for each request.

Yes for "geeks". Beta for travel geeks, and geeks who love to travel.

You can click "reply" under a comment to keep everything in the thread it is supposed to be in.

indeed, missed it, thank you, from now and on - that way.

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