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dsr12 185 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Clickbait title. This is the concept of a polymath and will not be unfamiliar to most HN readers.

Charlie Munger's "models," hacky as they are, are always interesting though.

Also, the "one life hack" is being deeply expert in many disparate fields and then seeing patterns in the interstices and figuring out how to capitalize on them. Right, that's a "life hack".

This is like "one life hack from a patent clerk that allowed him to win two Nobel prizes".

Einstein only got one Nobel prize, in 1922. And it wasn't for relativity.

This isn't a great article - it's overly wordy and DEFINITELY doesn't fulfill the promise of the title.

As long as I am an expert in any and all disciplines, I will find success. Got it.

The buzzfeed is strong with this one.

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