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Show HN: Whisper Walk – Siri for Walking (whisperwalk.io)
10 points by oskarth on Apr 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

OP here. Whisper Walk is an app for iOS that allows you to explore and walk freely while a voice whispers in your ear roughly which direction to walk.

Write up about why I created it here: https://www.oskarth.com/find-the-tools-to-get-lost/

Sorry to hijack this thread! I just have a quick question: I have just posted a Show HN and can't figure out how to write a comment, the comment field is not showing. How did you manage?

You need to contact the mods because there appears to be a problem with your submissions.

Their email is in the guidelines.

Thank you very much, will do that right now :)

Haha I remember seeing a tweet where you're recording a demo and a notification pops up xD. Great work, man.

Might want to localise the screenshots.

Also "Siri for walking" didn't tell me anything about the product.

A video demonstrating it would be perfect.

Maybe contact some AMSR people and add it as a purchase and shoot it off to some of those communities I'm sure they will eat it up.

Thanks for the great feedback!

Description: Still working on the one line summary. Candidates: Siri for Walking directions, Your walking buddy. Ideas welcome!

Localized screenshots: good idea, will look into it.

Video: Agreed. I made a quick video and updated the website with it.

ASMR: Great idea, this is what I initially had in mind but paused it for getting a first version out the door. I didn't consider using as a paid version and sell directly to such communities though. I'll definitely look into this.

Thanks again :)

I really like the idea of not having to constantly pull out my phone or be distracted by the turn-by-turn directions of a robot thinking I am a car :)

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