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[dupe] Less than 5% of Indian engineering students are fit for techie jobs, study finds (techinasia.com)
26 points by vmalu 186 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

> It says over 36,000 engineering students from IT-related departments of more than 500 colleges took an automated test using machine learning.

"using machine learning" --- what does that even mean? The test was designed with ML? What?

> Two-thirds of the tested students could not even write code that compiles

Did they get to choose what framework to use when responding to this question? Did they get to test their code? My intro to CS course in college had us handwrite code for tests, so guess what, I bet 95% of student's code wouldn't compile due to an occasional missed character or incorrect capital letter. Is this a similar situation?

This whole article needs a lot more detail around how this test was administered and what a borderline 'fail' looks like.

And as rectang points out, what is the baseline? I.e. how does this pass rate compare to engineering students generally?

Probably "using machine learning" means a test administered with and graded by computers.

The big question which goes unanswered in this article: How would students from other countries (especially the USA) have fared when taking this test?

There are about 1.5 million engineering graduates in India per year.

Assuming this research can be trusted, 5% of them means 75 000 new "good engineers" per year.

That is still a big number.

As if it was a big secret.

Disgustingly irresponsible reporting. All this will do is encourage racial discrimination in hiring.

Or maybe it will encourage higher caliber education.

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