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Cachier: Persistent, stale-free local/cross-machine caching for Python functions (github.com)
52 points by aviatoAviary 185 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Why Mongodb as a cache backend, rather than something like Memcache or Redis?

While we're talking about python caching libraries, I'd like to recommend https://github.com/codeinthehole/django-cacheback

"It's an extensible caching library that refreshes stale cache items asynchronously using a Celery or rq task. The key idea being that it's better to serve a stale item (and populate the cache asynchronously) than block the response process in order to populate the cache synchronously."

What does "stale-free" mean in this context? That term appears to be a little hard to google.

- edit: spelling

Something like this could be the basis of an improvement in Ansible.

At a guesstimate 70% of Ansible tasks are common code yet are transferred to the controlled machine every single time.

I was reading about PowerShell remoting and discovered one of the benefits of remoting is what you want out of something like this applied to Ansible: code blocks modules and other data can be handled across machines implicitly or explicitly.

I think such things abstracted out to a Python C&C system would be amazing myself.

Well Pyro has been around for a long time; I haven't looked at it closely so I don't know why it doesn't seem to have a lot of mindshare. Certainly sounds great.


There are other distributed options as well.


I can't see the cross-machine part being useful unless you are already running a MongoDB cluster, because that's a pretty big dependency.

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