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Why an American went to Cuba for cancer care (bbc.co.uk)
48 points by jackgavigan 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Honestly and pleasently surprised that this wasn't an article where the answer was just "they went to [other country] because it was cheaper".

Why? Is to avoid regulations somehow better?

Just curious of the basis of that value judgement.

She went to Cuba to get a drug developed in Cuba. That's more interesting than just cheaper.

My guess is that some people are not comfortable with inequality amongst nations. If that person went to Cuba because it was cheaper it would either mean that: A) the quality of care in Cuba is somehow worst. or B) The quality of care is the same but the U.S. is somehow inefficient. But since it's because of a new drug developed by Cuba's own pharmaceutical industry it shows the prospect of other nations becoming/being equally capable/fortunate, which many support.

I guess that when you've got just few months left you may want to take your chances. Waiting for trials in US is not really an option.

Yea sorry late, what tim said below. The "drug cheaper in X country" article is very common, cool to see an article about a treatment developed elsewhere.

Let me guess, because America's health care system is a fucking disaster? and only the 1 percent can afford it?

That's simply not true. The middle and upper class can largely afford insurance. If you consider how much people (in countries that offer universal healthcare) pay in taxes, the difference diminshes.

Providing sources is great. It would be really helpful if you also provide some context as to why you're including it here.

If you're criticizing the Left's fantasy of "free" healthcare you must be an evil liar.

"I'm basically a very honest person, but if I have to, I will lie."

Very honest indeed.

I have never met someone that didn't lie occasionally. Most are just basically honest. And that's ok.

There is no point in telling a 5 year old that their picture sucks, for example. You might not say it is your favorite, sure, but you won't be telling them it is garish in color or that you can't even tell it is a doggy.

In her situation, she's freaking dying. She sees a chance at life, and she has to lie to do it? Yeah, she's still basically a very honest person, much like the person not being mean to the 5 year old.

Her life may have depended on that lie. I think it does not disqualify her as an "honest person"

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