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That's a way to do it. It is not the only way to do it, even if some people do it that way all the time.

I might add a transpiler for Typescript to my stack soon, if that language turns out as pleasant to work with as I've been hearing. If I do, it'll be the first time I use one. And I've been working with Node, in production, since 2013.

Go away. I've invested weeks to learn something which at least resembles NodeJS best practices and now you come along and say "nope, we do it different" ... :(

(That was a joke btw. Thanks for the info. The consensus seemed to be that Babel is the way to go, but if your variant works for you good to hear. I will still stay with it. I like ES6 imports in Node.)

Hey, you do you. I'm just here to say that not everyone agrees, or should, that real-world best practice necessarily involves a giant pile of transpilers and bundlers.

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