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> And with Hotswap, you don't even need to redeploy anything.

Except when you have to restart the JVM because you added a class or a whole bunch of other things that it can't hotswap in the new code.

It's true that the hotswap support built in to the JVM is somewhat limited, but there are tools that are more comprehensive and can hotswap new classes, methods, method signature changes, etc. (JRebel and spring-loaded are the ones that come to mind).

Still better than any dynamically typed language (I mean any) where you always have to redeploy everything since none of these language support incremental compilation, let alone incremental reloading.

If I'm using a truly compiled language (eg. C++, D), which have incremental compilation, I still have to redeploy everything since 'everything' is a single executable.

If I'm using an interpreted language I only have to deploy the changed source files. Git can do that for you.

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