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I find there are really big differences between the dev experience in Python, Node, Clojure and Erlang. JS doesn't trap errors[1], so it's tedious to debug or to have confidence in correctness, and the callback hell APIs are high friction in interactive/REPL development. Node is a fine vessel for running ClojureScript though ;)

[1] See eg the bit about NaNs in the article.

I agree that Node once felt tangibly worse. I used Clojure for three years to avoid Node until I had to use Node at work (nobody was going to learn Clojure) and I discovered Koa when it just released.

Even back in Koa 1, co/yield/function* closed the gap for me. Nowadays it's much better with ubiquitous promise usage and async/await.

I miss various things about Clojure like the editor-as-a-repl development cycle, but in my opinion, they still amount to small technical differences that play second fiddle to business concerns.

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