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What did we do while waiting in bank lines before we had cellphones?

Nothing. That's the point.

What makes that better? "Scheduled downtime" such as meditation or a walk in the park is wonderful, but waiting in line at the grocery store is hardly conducive to inner tranquility.

Being able to quietly reflect on your own thoughts in the line at the grocery store is a kind of inner tranquility. If you can't do that, what hope do you have of meditating?

I'm worried that I'm no good at it any more, either. checks email

Perhaps not in the bank line, but on the bus, waiting for your lunch, in line at the grocery store... these are times to interact with your fellow human beings.

I went a whole month a short while back where I refused to put on earphones while commuting. Had many an interesting conversation that month, and met a number of interesting people. In our field of work it tends to be culturally somewhat homogenous, I personally really enjoy these opportunities to branch out.

I've been slipping back into the habit of earbuds everywhere I go - it's easier to shut the world out, but knowing what I'm missing I'm still kicking myself.

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