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I'm pretty much a beginner developer, doing a few small things but not employed as a dev. I like JavaScript, and when I wanted to do server side stuff (like automate schedule emails at my company), solutions were really available in PHP and it worked right away on my local machine with mamp and on my super cheap web hosting, whereas I seem to hit various setup pains when I try to do something with node. The PHP syntax was close enough for me to be much more comfortable than I expected to be. I recently worked on something that logs a user in to a mobile-unfriendly website, scrapes and parses a specific page that you would want to see on mobile, and presents a nice mobile view, with some extra relevant information. All the scraping is done in PHP and it just returns json that gets displayed with a handlebars template. It's just a demo right now, but my point is that even knowing a bit about JS, PHP feels so much more accessible than node for me, and I've done stuff that a year ago I never would have thought I could do. I feel like solutions are close and only require language and library research. Node solutions also require this other layer of knowledge that I haven't clicked with. How is PHP treating you at your current job?

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