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Show HN: Hacker's Doorbell (github.com)
37 points by jrowley on Apr 19, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

> With this device, my coworkers can simply push a button that lays next to my desk and not startle me.

You are not startled when your screen starts flashing unexpectedly?

Neat little project though.

It's really more for them than me, so they don't have to like hover over me and try to delicately get my attention. It's more decisive. I haven't had it go off when I'm deep in flow yet, we'll see if the flashing is too much.

I love the honesty of using a nug jar for that, classic silicon valley

Haha thanks, I was looking around my apartment for something that could work and the nug jug was the perfect size.

Or your coworkers could just request an IRL via IM?

Most of my coworkers are on IM, but some (e.g. VPs, CEO) are not and will instead directly come to my desk to discuss something.

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