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FiveStars (YC W11) hiring experienced consumer PMs to make commerce human
273 days ago | hide
FiveStars was founded five years ago as a loyalty program. We replaced the punch card. That product has done well for us - today 20 million consumers check in 1.2 million times every week.

Our mission, however, transcends loyalty. Our mission is to turn transactions into relationships.

In a world ten years from now, when we can get anything we want delivered to our bedsides, I believe we’ll get out of bed in the morning to experience human relationships. It is this desire to connect that will drive us into restaurants, coffee shops, or our local bar.

I recently joined FiveStars over other great options because of our opportunity to serve this desire - to make commerce human. That opportunity is exciting; and ultimately I chose it instead of joining one of the familiar tech giants where I’d be scaling someone else’s product.

To seize this opportunity we must build a product that helps consumers understand we’re more than a punch card replacement. Consumers must seek out FiveStars as a way to connect with and advocate for the small businesses storefronts they love.

If our mission excites you, and you’re up for the challenge of helping us move past loyalty, then we want to get to know you.

We’re looking for product managers (senior-director) with 2+ years of experience. Shoot me an email with some examples of your prior work. Resumes are fine, but optional.

    Sam Odio

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