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Ask: What is your office workspace setup?
3 points by Dowwie on Apr 17, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
Attending meetups in NYC gives a glimpse of office layouts. The meetup hosts tend to be early or mid-growth stage tech-oriented startups. The impression that I've gotten, at least from this category, is that employees get a powerful laptop, a widescreen monitor, and dock their laptop in at their desks.

I'm curious what your workspace is like. What city are you in, what stage of growth is your company in, and are you working in IT?

Systems administrator / web developer (full stack PHP developer) in Buffalo, NY

Company has been around just shy of a decade; small (15 employees ish) but global reach / product.

I have my own office - small, 8ft x 10 ft with a door but it's enough

I asked for and received a Autonomous standing desk.

I use my own 13 inch MBP which I leave at the office; it's connected to company issued second monitor 21 inches. I'm free to take it home when I choose obviously.

On the wall in front of me is a 15 inch monitor that shows google analytics live feed all day.

Behind me is a bookshelf with various left over keyboards, network tools, etc... and a 2 drawer cabinet with random paper work. Both from the old desk I had.

3x5ft white board and various movie posters and stuff I decorated the office with.


thanks for sharing -- upvote this post or it'll get buried :-/

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