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Trust: Our World in Data (ourworldindata.org)
51 points by hunglee2 159 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Research as taught in my Masters has generally broken away from the big general quantitative research in values. It is seen as banal results from banal questions. Trust is an important part of culture and therefore has to be interpreted in a rich context which is taken away. It makes just sense to evaluate trust if one takes into account the other values in a cultural system as its value is just given by the other concurring parts, e.g. honor, privacy.

> See source for further details regarding specific survey question.

Can't locate the actual survey questions. Trust is a highly interpretive concept. It'd be great to see the questions on the survey before diving into conclusions.

I just want to point out the notably inconsistent formatting of the presented data in this article. It's like a tour de force of how to create misleading representations from "accurate" data. Specifically, keep an eye out for what is used as the min/max values on the various axes, as well as interval sizing.

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