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Restocks (YC W16) is hiring people who like shoes and JavaScript
276 days ago | hide
We help sell $millions of clothing every month through a mobile app. Rabid consumers use our app to stay updated on sneaker and streetwear releases, with some spending thousands of dollars in our app every month.

That gets the 'shoes' part of the title out of the way. Now on to the 'javascript':

We're a full stack JS shop and we're looking for full stack engineers to help us build our next product.

We use React/React Native/Node/Express/Redux/Postgres extensively. We even have some Go and Kubernetes running in production. Familiarity with any of the aforementioned is a plus.

We have a culture of rapid iteration. We didn't use React at all 6 months ago, and now our app is built on React Native. As funny as it would be to require something like "6 years of React Experience", we're more interested in people who are good at making qualified decisions and aren't afraid of jumping in to something new.

If anything here interests you, email jobs@restocks.io with a couple of links to some stuff you've made. Currently, we can only consider candidates who are local to the SF Bay Area or are willing to relocate.

No recruiter spam, please.

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