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I'd suggest learning more about how to learn better, so that you can learn more on the job. Then you can spend your weekend doing something other than coding. Some useful books:

"How Learning Works" (I review it here: https://codewithoutrules.com/2016/03/19/how-learning-works/)

"Peak" https://www.amazon.com/Peak-Secrets-New-Science-Expertise/dp...

Gar Klein's books, in particular "The Power of Intuition" https://www.amazon.com/Power-Intuition-Feelings-Better-Decis...

You should read a book or two on not be condescending, some people enjoy learning outside the workplace, or want to learn things that aren't related to their work.

Learning how to learn better will help with all of those! I read all three books in last 3 years and I found them quite useful personally (learning on the job and off the job).

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