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Simple Habit (YC W17) is hiring its second engineer
on Apr 15, 2017 | hide
Simple Habit (YC W2017) is a Netflix for mindfulness & meditations. We've launched less than a year ago, but we're already one of the top grossing health & fitness apps on the AppStore. You can check us out at www.simplehabit.com

Simple Habit is backed by YCombinator, NEA, Foundation Capital and a handful of CEOs of prominent companies in Silicon Valley.

We're a team of 4 (CEO, CTO, engineer, designer) and we’re looking for our #2 engineer to join our team in San Francisco. We're looking for a candidate with at least 3 years of engineering experience with a strong product sense.

We’re using Swift for iOS, Kotlin on Android, and React on our web app. Our backend is built using Heroku/NodeJS/Express and Python3. We're willing to offer a competitive package of equity and cash salary for the right candidate.

If you're interested in helping people live resilient lives through mindfulness, please reach out to yunha@simplehabit.com with your resume or linkedin.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Yunha

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