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While this is a problem from a consumer perspective, the goods aspect is already day 2 for Amazon and others. There was in interesting discussion on HN a few weeks back about the profitability of the shipping business and how what the future holds for content/hosting services instead.

As a mini-update to this I have gone back and forth a couple of times with Amazon on my email at this point. And the quick summary was :

Me: You're moving into day 2 with all this counterfeit and weaksauce crap in your inventory

Them: We've got a process for reporting that

Me: See Jeff's paragraph about relying on process, and any process that requires the customer to have a bad experience to activate isn't a long term win.

Them: Hmmmm.

For me, the crux is if Amazon can crack the problem of being able to preemptively identify seller fraud and bad actions ahead of the customer being effective. They have a lot of tools at their disposal to put onto that.

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