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> Sure, but just as with customers, the dissatisfied (ex-)employees are going to be most vocal.

Agreed that Glassdoor is an outrageously bad indicator about a company, taken in isolation.

> Do you really think Amazon could build things like AWS, Alexa, the Go Store, etc, if it was a sweatshop where everybody but Jeff was in hell?

Nobody is claiming that every single employee has a terrible life at Amazon. But new college grads who don't mind and/or mind but don't really believe better working conditions are possible can build most of what you referenced.

I have only anecdotal evidence, but the majority of ex Facebook, Apple, and Google employees I know say pretty balanced pro/con things about their former workplaces.

Of the six ex Amazon employees I know well enough to discuss this with, they universally decry the horrible work cultures they experienced there.

So, I'm glad you like your work culture, but I know I'd never even consider working at a Jeff Bezos company. Despite how awesome I thing Blue Origin is.

4 people I graduated with in 2013, plus my wife (who went to work there more recently) all work at AWS, and they all love it. More anecdotal evidence.

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