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camillomiller on Apr 14, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite

> Could Twitter actually ban @Potus?

It would be a divergence from their past actions, but I don't see why not. It's their platform.

> How could the White House impose a private service to operate the account against their will?

Why would they? @Potus would likely just move to another service and continue as if nothing happened. Gab.ai would love it if this happened.

> What would happen if Twitter decided to ban the President because that could avoid a war?

I see no way this would have a major impact. POTUS has the attention of the world's press, it's not like losing a Twitter account would stop him from speaking to his audience.

Most probably a political question not suitable for HN. As a question it is also very hypothetical, as if Twitter banning would have an impact on a war.

Why is it not suitable? It is more of a tech / philosophical question than a statement about the poster's politics...

Most likely open a new account, or tweet from another account.

>How could the White House impose a private service to operate the account against their will?

They couldn't, and shouldn't be allowed to. The government shouldn't force any private entity to do anything against their will, certainly not ban speech, when no laws are being broken.

The right to free speech extends to everyone, including idiots, racists and sociopaths. The problem is not where Donald Trump as a person falls within that set, but that Americans elected him President, and decided he should be the one to steer the ship of state, command the army, and control the nuclear arsenal.

This despite his having an established Twitter history that put his derangement on display. It's not as if no one could have seen this coming.

What should happen is the American people should not elect a President who could start a war over Twitter if it was possible to do so - someone with actual personal restraint and tact. But they wanted a troll to run the country, and now they just have to deal with the consequences.

I am convinced the average American decides every important decision by whittling down their options to two (poor) choices their neighbors think best, and flipping a coin. "It's win/win, right guys"

Probably a brilliant move for humanity. Most extreme right, KKK, nazi, Breitbart, Stormfront ilk trolls would boycott Twitter in protest, finally allowing some semblance of rational discussion on the platform.

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