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Unix toolbox (cb.vu)
333 points by dreur on June 7, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

The author's website is incredibly clever: http://cb.vu/

It's a fake terminal but it's surprisingly fully functional (lots of commands work, tab autocompletion, etc.)

It simulates file creation, which can then be retrieved from your browser's cookies using a normal-looking URL. I like it. Incredibly clever indeed.

It's a great idea, but it captures the Tab key completely.

That is, within the shell you can't switch through your browser tabs via Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

(Maybe this is the fault of Firefox. Why should it grant any web application the right to redefine essential browser navigation keystrokes?)

Haha, try su to root, then rm -rf / and see the results.

holy SHIT it even has vi.

You mean: holy shit, it has a functional SSH terminal!

"sudo is for wimps"

no sandwiches :(

Cool... It even has fortune.

Maybe he'll make this available. It'd be fun to mess around with.

Snake is a lot of fun.

Brilliant work — my only suggestion would be to add a few more sections for "modern" tools like Git, Mercurial, Nginx, Redis, OpenVPN, Python easy_install, Ruby gems, LXC, etc.

And perhaps also a section on ancient, but widely used, systems like autotools — even something as simple as ./configure --prefix would be useful to have known...

Hmz, I wonder if the author is aware of this thread on HN?

Perfections seems to be the enemy of good. Actually I really like site format as ~50 page reference seems to be really useful, or something that you could take on a long car trip and casually look into.

I think that maybe programming and Make examples were unnecessary -- they don't really give any idea about what to do with the language and don't present any paradigms or quirks that you might need and there are much better short tutorials on that topic out there. All in all, this wouldn't save you if you got to write something in C++, but this would definitely help if you need to remember some unix command that's just slipped your mind.

Though they might have included stuff for LVM to 'file system' section, LVM commands are more or less intuitive as they are.

WOW. If I could, I would vote for this twice! I wish I had found this years earlier; it would have made acclimation to the command-line much quicker.


Interesting, although I'd have probably also put some examples for Python or Perl in alongside the C and C++ examples.

Is it only me, or is this website not loading for anyone else? I've tried over the last 30 minutes of so??!?

Ah, that's useful, thanks ;)

i dont understand how this is a toolbox as much as it is a command line reference.

Very nice overall. Thank you and kudos!

thank you. thank you. and thank you.

This is awesome! bookmarked!

good stuff, thank you

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