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>Are you implying that what OP says is not true

That Jeff Bezos is "allowing" counterfeit goods on Amazon to ruin the customer experience? Yes, that's untrue.

I'm sure if he could snap his fingers and fix the problem, he would. But the problem is a bit more nuanced than that, and can't be solved over night (perhaps ever, if the analogy is digital piracy).

> if he could snap his fingers and fix the problem, he would

Well, he invented the idea of losing traceability by commingling inventory "in good faith". He can reinvent traceability any time. As much as HSBC's business became moving drug money, it pretty much became Amazon's business to find gullible customers for counterfeit goods.

They're actively contributing to the problem and damaging trust in their brand by comingling inventory with third-party sellers.

My experience with Amazon support is that they won't refund 3rd party counterfeits until you've argued with the seller for weeks and come back with the documentation of the counterfeit and lack of refund.

I spend thousands on Amazon a year, if I have a well-documented counterfeit claim I want a quick and easy refund.

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