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I used to work in call centers. The job has almost nothing to do with helping customers.

Your manager will tell you the customer is the top priority, you will be told that the only person more important is you: the direct contact with the valuable customers.

Then he will publicly berate you for 15 minutes if your average handle time deviates from the last hour.

Your type of call is a golden goose. I get to "resolve" it and end it in 25 seconds which means I can take a 4 minute bathroom break instead of a 3 minute one.

By definition, that person is not a manager. He's a boss. Managers manage, and Boss's react.

This is one of those times where you line up another job, wait until he goes off on you and for every "point" he tries to make, you counter with the policy. Shut him down. Won't be permanent, but oh well.

Its time to come back to down to reality. Your manager would be laughing at your little outburst all week. It would actually make him happier.

That's not a manager. That's a boss. And so what? Everyone else who watched it would get a kick out of it and mr manager would be even deeper in respect debt.

Maybe it would inspire others to leave such a crappy job too. Let the miserables commiserate with the miserables.

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