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There was more hope back then that Russia would improve, because it then was in transition from USSR, broken economics, low oil prices, budget deficits, you know.

Since then oil price rose from $20 to $150, and... nothing changed. Those who were gangsters in the 90-s are now the government. They do their business accordingly.

Well, quality of life for the average Russian changed, not that anyone cares about that. And those who were gangsters in the the 90s are not just "now" in government. I'll repeat myself: nothing is wrong now that wasn't wrong before. Why all this emphasis on the "now", except that The Economist likes this kind of talk?

You are a flawed individual now. How does that sound? I mean it's technically true that you are flawed in some way, as we all are, in the present moment. But clearly the sentence carries an attitude beyond the literal meaning. I am disappointed to see this kind of insidious rhetoric get support on HN.


> nothing is wrong now that wasn't wrong before

Only technically true, if at all. Ultimate corruption, political monopoly, no security of any kind for 20 years and no signs of improvement give me no hope whatsoever that the next 20 years will be any better.

I'm pretty sure we will be sliding down the Nigeria way sooner or later, and it's really sad.


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