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> Does ChromeOS by default implement something like TLP?

I would assume the default system does power management quite well (at least on my device it does), so if you're running a chroot that shouldn't matter too much. If you boot your own system I'm not sure, though, I guess the best one can do is try.

If you follow the instructions to set up an Arch Linux[1] boot system for your device for example, it will most likely just copy the ChromeOS kernel over, so I would assume the support also depends on the device's system...

[1]: https://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/

Arch linux?! Whaaaaa haha, you think I have a brain to follow directions!

Anyway thanks for your time.

I can't seem to find 8GB chromebooks, they might not exist yet and when they do expensive oh well. Quit being poor is what I keep saying to myself. "Hey buddy why don't you snap out of it and quit being poor?" haha.

To clarify: I'm not suggesting you have to use Arch; pick whatever suits you most :-)

I only wanted to point out that they don't have their own kernels for some devices, which indicates that it isn't practical to use a completely self-compiled kernel for whatever reason (I would assume there are some crucial blob drivers).

Good luck with your setup!

At some point it does seem more effort than it's worth, you know how about you budget and save to get a decent computer.

yeah anyway thanks for the information

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