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I have an unpopular opinion about this, but here it goes: I think the whole article is based on false premises. Mostly two of them:

  - Productivity is the be all, end all of life
  - It's somehow wrong to "waste your time" with things like Netflix, Gaming, etc.
What does "productivity" even mean? To be able to work more? I don't want to work more. And what is wrong with gaming, or watching TV shows on Netflix? I would consider some games and TV shows as works of art, and to me there's nothing wrong with experiencing more art in one's life.

I do agree with some of the less extreme sentiments here on HN that it's good to be more conscious about how you use your "internet time". I quit Facebook, and it has gained me more time to use for other stuff, and it strengthened the most important relationships in my life.

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