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Ask HN: Mailing lists that HN readers ought to know about?
320 points by Dowwie on April 11, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 133 comments
I subscribe to a variety of information feeds through email mailing list subscription. There's at least one mailing list that seems to get my attention on a regular basis, namely that produced by KurzweilAI: http://www.kurzweilai.net

The mailing list seems to touch on cutting edge news across AI research and business.

What do you subscribe to that you think others would benefit by if they were to as well?

A mix of everything

- HN Digest - http://hndigest.com/

- Hacker News Books - http://hackernewsbooks.com/

- Julie Zhuo's The Looking Glass - http://www.juliezhuo.com/design/mailinglist.html

- a16z monthly newsletter - http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/home/?u=35c671b34bb40414916...

- Pointer.io - http://www.pointer.io

- Changelog Weekly - https://changelog.com/weekly

- Dan Bader's python tricks - https://dbader.org/

- The New Yorker - https://www.newyorker.com/newsletters

- Android Weekly - http://androidweekly.net/

- AndroidDevDigest - https://www.androiddevdigest.com/

- GitHub Explore - https://github.com/explore/subscribe

Hey, thanks for linking hndigest! We're in the process of rebuilding hndigest from scratch. If you'd like to sign up now, I suggest using the beta version which has improved looks and robustness (and upcoming new features): https://beta.hndigest.com

(If you're an old subscriber, you'll be moved to the new version in the upcoming days/weeks. Don't fret, if you don't like the look of the new version you can still select the old-style look).

Matching keywords in title/url/text or url body, e.g. match the content of the url. Bonus points for being to use regex and select which fields you'd like to match against.

> url body

As in spider and keep a local copy of the submitted article for search purposes? That would be pretty slick (although restricting it to submissions that get more than 10-20 votes or 2-3 comments might make it more manageable).

BTW, Hacker News Books was featured at indiehackers the other day:


I'd also add GET PUT POST in the list: https://tinyletter.com/getputpost

Thanks for sharing! For anyone interested, GET PUT POST is all about API platforms and killer app ideas. You can check out a recent interview with Flexport here: https://getputpost.co/how-the-flexport-api-enables-global-tr...

Hey, Dan Bader here. I just wanted to say thanks for including my Python Tricks (https://dbader.org/python-tricks) series in your list, that's awesome :-)

Thanks for linking Changelog Weekly! If anyone has questions, we're here and listening ~> https://changelog.com/community

Do you have an rss or atom feed?

The RSS feed links are here https://changelog.com/subscribe

Looks like they are only for the podcasts not the newsletters :-(

Wow thanks! Just subscribed to 4 of them.

I am not trying to imply anything, but pointer.io is a http://lererhippeau.com/ experiment (according to the bottom tagline of the site).

Thanks everyone for sharing yours :) , here are the ones I like:

- Hacker Newsletter: http://www.hackernewsletter.com/

- Schneier's Crypto-Gram: https://www.schneier.com/crypto-gram/

- Changelog: https://changelog.com/

- JS Weekly: http://javascriptweekly.com/

- Frontend Focus: http://frontendfocus.co/

- Pycoder's Weekly: http://pycoders.com/

- The Exponential: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/azeem

- Not a mailing list, but yields so much interesting stuff that I have to link to it: http://kottke.org/

- [fr] Nouveau Projet : http://us3.forward-to-friend1.com/forward/preview?u=a94ef0ee...

- And various other RSS feeds, via https://feedly.com/

+1 for The Exponential View by Azeem Azhar: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/azeem

Great overview of tech impact on politics, economy, people generally etc...

Thanks for mentioning JavaScript Weekly. We also have a React specific one at https://react.statuscode.com/ now too :)

Thanks for the Hacker Newsletter mention!

Well, thanks for the curation! Awesome work, helps me not dive too much / too regularly in HN as I know I'll get a nice recap on Sunday :)

Money Stuff by Matt Levine. Highlight of my morning for over a year now. It's targeted at the finance industry but it's accessible to outsiders and has taught me a lot about how the economy actually works.


I agree! It is really entertaining and resourceful. Read it daily


* General cryptography http://www.metzdowd.com/mailman/listinfo/

* SSL/TLS news https://www.feistyduck.com/bulletproof-tls-newsletter/

* Cryptography concerns for ops (typically TLS) https://lists.eff.org/mailman/listinfo/crypto-ops

* General cryptography https://lists.randombit.net/mailman/listinfo/cryptography

I stopped following a bunch of cryptography twitter feeds, because the Bulletproof TLS newsletter was lower volume and higher signal.

For sysadmin/devops stuff, I'm a fan of:

- DevOps Weekly: http://www.devopsweekly.com/

- SRE Weekly: https://sreweekly.com/

- cron.weekly: https://www.cronweekly.com/

- Monitoring Weekly: http://weekly.monitoring.love/

There's occasionally a little overlap between these, but I mostly find that they cover different ground. SRE Weekly in particular has good coverage of outages and incident reports that I find interesting.

Last Week in AWS (https://lastweekinaws.com/), along similar lines, is pretty decent too.

Thanks! Still getting started, feedback always welcome.

Thanks for mentioning Monitoring Weekly! We're super happy you're enjoying it. - Mike (one of the curators of Monitoring Weekly)

Tedium - http://tedium.co Deep dive on obscure subjects twice a week.

Recomendo - https://www.getrevue.co/profile/Recomendo Quick little tips for tools (software and others) that you'll find useful in many ways. From Kevin Kelly of Wired.

Tedium is awesome: highly recommended.

Kevin Rose's monthly "The Journal" (http://www.thejournal.email/) is quite good.

Daily Newsletters:

The Sizzle - https://thesizzle.com.au - Daily email summary of tech news with an Australian focus (to stop me browsing tech news sites).


Hacker Newsletter - http://www.hackernewsletter.com - Wrap up of stories on Hacker News (to try and spend less time on here).

Hackaday - http://hackaday.com - Find what people are hacking together hardware wise quite interesting.

Interesting. I've been thinking about subscribing to "Stratechery" by Ben Thompson. Any recommendations for or against it?

Currently subscribed to:

- The Morning Paper (https://blog.acolyer.org/)

- Benedict Evans (http://ben-evans.com/newsletter)

- a16z (https://a16z.com/)

Strong rec for stratechery. It doesn't cost much, the writing is excellent, it's insightful and enjoyable.

Subscribe to the free once-a-week. If you like it, upgrade to the paid once-a-day.

Definitely recommend Stratechery. I'd estimate that about one in four of the emails are awesome, and about one in ten are totally eye-opening.

+1 for the Stratechery too

Not a mailing list, but contains a huge list of Engineering blogs. It also has an opml for importing to a feed reader.


I made something for myself, which parses provided subreddits, and sends the top voted links as a list to my e-mail daily. Few of my friends requested to receive same e-mails with different subreddits, and I have turned it into a product.

I have never publicly shared the product anywhere and lost my enthusiasm to develop it further, but most of my friends are happy that it keeps them up-to-date on the topics they actually care. I humbly welcome you to try if you generally enjoy reddit content.


Exactly what I've been looking for. Much love.

Gwern curates a monthly mailing list and changelog for gwern.net: https://www.gwern.net/Changelog

I highly recommend it.

Gwern also single-handedly carries several machine learning related subreddits ...


Peter Cooper's weekly digests https://cooperpress.com/publications/ are good for links you might have missed during the week. Topics include Ruby, Node, React, Go and more.

Ruby Weekly is great! I don't stay day-to-day up-to-date with Ruby, and this once/week newsletter keeps me informed.

Thanks! :-)

Flowing Data http://flowingdata.com/ FlowingData explores how statisticians, designers, data scientists, and others use analysis, visualization, and exploration to understand data and ourselves.

I love cron.weekly! It's now the only weekly email I get focused on anything tech. He does such a great job.

Yep, agree, I sub to it as well. It was a "Show HN" submission that briefly hit the frontpage (or close to) which is how I bumped into it.

Disclaimer: I run this project.

https://www.cronweekly.com - a weekly digest on linux & open source, with a focus on web related content.

All things ops:

* http://www.devopsweekly.com/

* https://sreweekly.com/

* http://weekly.monitoring.love/

It'd be great to get some more of these.

We do http://webopsweekly.com/ which crosses into some similar areas.

A bit to the side: I don't subscribe to any lists at the moment. Should I start? Is it better than just checking the sites I care about once in a while? How do you personally use it?

I used to consume most of my stuff through RSS but RSS seems largely dead unfortunately. It provides me with a nice balance between tracking (lots of) things but being able to pull that in when needed and keep it separate from other mediums like email. Subscribing to mailing lists usually ends up to me adding filters that move them to a different folder that I check less.

So for me, I subscribe to 3 or so newsletters. If I find myself not reading one weekly or monthly when it comes, I unsubscribe since it's not something I'm currently interested in. This avoids me ignoring mailing lists or newsletters in general so those that I do read actually add value. HN I check on a daily basis, it's a tab in my browser. But that's about it.

> I used to consume most of my stuff through RSS but RSS seems largely dead unfortunately.

Why do you say this? I start my day with my RSS reader and the only site I follow that doesn't really support RSS is HN.

> Why do you say this?

Because that has been my experience?

> I start my day with my RSS reader and the only site I follow that doesn't really support RSS is HN.

Awesome, happy for you. I wish that was the case here. For most of my news sources (which aren't tech) no RSS feed exists. Same for a number of newsletters I'm interested in. They exist in plain HTML format but there's no RSS feed to speak of, not even of the archive.

However, I've recently ran into RSS-Bridge[1] which I'm hoping means that I'll be able to generate RSS feeds out of some stuff and get back to consuming most of my information that way.

[1]: https://github.com/RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge

> the only site I follow that doesn't really support RSS is HN.

I am not sure what you mean by "really" but there is


However, its quite rudimentary (maybe that's what you're getting at?)

Yeah, the structure of the site isn't really conducive to RSS, while a site like the NYT or a friend's blog, with regular structured posts, is.

LLVM Weekly http://llvmweekly.org/ - provides a nice summary of what's happening around LLVM/clang. It's structured into an announcement and media coverage section, what's going on on the mailing lists, and recent commits.

As the author of LLVM Weekly I'd like to thank you for spreading the word. I'm glad you find it useful.

I also find it incredibly useful! I don't follow the development on Phabricator but I read your posts every time they pop up on Twitter.

I love the Phabricator website. It's nearly impossible to distinguish from a work of satire.

For someone interested in postgres. Postgres weekly - http://postgresweekly.com/

I run Dev Tips: https://umaar.com/dev-tips/ which is aimed at web developers.

Once a week, I send out an animated gif showcasing a Chrome DevTools/Node.js trick.

As somebody who has been doing web development for almost 20 years, I wasn't expecting much from your mailing list. I have been consistently impressed with your tips and look forward to them appearing in my inbox now. Thanks -- and keep up the good work!

Javascriptweekly.com and its associated newsletters. They have iOS, React, Databases, Golang, Frontend (HTML/CSS), Node, Ruby, and Devops newsletters. At the footer of each version of their newsletters are links to all of the others. Minimal ads, very simple design, over a dozen links, and job postings in each one.

I tend to let my eyes slip over posts on here and Reddit concerning the topics I follow because they invariably end up in those newsletters. I got back and search them on here later if I feel like I need the Hacker News comments for further discussion.

Matt Levine's Money Stuff https://www.bloomberg.com/view/topics/money-stuff - even if you hate financial markets (I do), his writing is so good that you'll like it

Fortune's Term Sheet - http://fortune.com/tag/term-sheet/ - want to know about M&A activity, here ya go

Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram: https://www.schneier.com/crypto-gram/

Here are some of my favorite non-programming ones:

* https://californiasunday.com - super interesting articles, beautiful design and photography

* https://inside.com/readthisthing - 1 interesting piece of journalism per day

* https://tedium.co - weird deep dives on random topics. This week was on adhesive licking stamps

* https://stratechery.com - high quality essays on tech

* https://nytimes.com/newsletters/morning-briefing - daily summary of news. NYT has it's biases but the daily briefing is useful for picking up on stories quickly and deciding what's worth reading more about.

Lastly, I have a small newsletter of my own where I send out a weekly-ish plaintext email with interesting articles, essays, and links that I've found. You can check it out at https://tinyletter.com/levthedev. I'd love feedback on the format/content.

- Fermat's Library - http://fermatslibrary.com/

"Fermat’s Library is a platform for illuminating academic papers. Just as Pierre de Fermat scribbled his famous last theorem in the margins, professional scientists, academics and citizen scientists can annotate equations, figures and ideas and also write in the margins. Every week we send you a new paper annotated by the community."

I keep mine pretty minimal, as I often don't have time to read a lot, but the 3 main ones:

- The Sizzle, great for quick summaries of the days tech news - https://thesizzle.com.au

- Stratechery - https://stratechery.com

- MacStories Weekly - https://club.macstories.net

CVE disclosure list: oss-security@lists.openwall.com (unfortunately since Mitre stopped taking bug reports via e-mails it's not as active as it has been).

Most of these have been mentioned but:

Hacker Newsletter

Morning Paper

Any of the Cooper Press "Weekly" newsletters relevant to your interests https://cooperpress.com/publications/

Nuzzle is great for catching things you missed that were popular among your social media followees

Mattermark Daily

I find this resource especially useful. https://blog.acolyer.org/

Agreed. The man is a machine!

I rather like Porter.io which will provide you a digest of top HN posts, but if you login with your GitHub they will also include articles relating to repos you are following. Some days I get a digest of articles I have already seen, but most days I find an article or two I missed.


- Launch ticker https://www.launchticker.com/

- Other inside.com newsletters https://inside.com/

What's good about them is they're very short and concise. You'll actually read them.

Last week I launched an open source newsletter about product & tech marketing. Here's how it works: https://github.com/plainflow/plainflow-digested-week/

A few of my favourites:

- Snippet by Social Capital: http://us10.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=d7f0f45160075006b2...

- Ben Evans: http://ben-evans.com/newsletter/

- A16Z: http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/home/?u=35c671b34bb40414916...

Data Machina (weekly) - https://www.getrevue.co/profile/datamachina ... Finsmes (daily) - http://www.finsmes.com

While targeted at one programming language community, The Scala Times consistently delivers quite high quality content. It's one of the only newsletters I'm still subscribed to.


The Browser! https://thebrowser.com. I frequently see its recommendations percolating through to the front page of HN. 5 hand-picked articles a day drawn from every corner of the internet, covering philosophy, literature, technology and other things, linked, pithily summarised and available as email newsletter, RSS feed, or full-text Instapaper/Pocket auto-push.

Paid service ($34/year), but a month's free trial is available: https://thebrowser.com/try-the-browser

Disclaimer: I am associated with The Browser, but my affection for it transcends my professional interest :)

Join The Hustle! http://ambassadors.thehustle.co/?ref=804a84f52d

It's a daily email from the team that produces Hustle Con in San Francisco every year. They are very witty and have always been dedicated to their readers.

Here is an excerpt from yesterday's email: Bezos recently announced he’s selling $1B of his Amazon stock each year as he looks to cash in before the company’s imminent bankruptcy. Just kidding. It’s Amazon. It’s not going anywhere. The actual story is that DJ Jazzy Jeff’s using the money to fund a pet project. Which, when you’re the second richest man in the world, means your side hustle rocket company, Blue Origin.

Opps Daily http://www.oppsdaily.com/ We ask people about the problems they face at work, and the software that could solve those problems. Then, we send you their answers.

Fantastic newsletter on UX / Usability by the Nielsen Norman Group:


I put together a few every week for technologies that I like:

* Programming Digest – https://programmingdigest.net/

* C# Digest – https://csharpdigest.net/

* Elixir Digest – https://elixirdigest.net/

* React Digest – https://reactdigest.net/

I hope that a few people find them useful and they save them time.

I subscribe to changelog's nightly github repos. It is strictly for programmers though.


I always read iOS Dev Weekly - https://iosdevweekly.com/. And i'm not even an iOS developer!

If you like KurzweilAI I'd also check out Technically Sentient by Rob May and The Exponential View by Azeem Azhar. They're both great sources of info about the AI space.

If you're into AI/ML: Import AI and The Wild Week in AI.

(Disclosure: I write Import AI). Link: http://jack-clark.net/import-ai

StartupResources is a great mailing list that I've been following for almost a year now:


Also, GrowthHackingIdea is a great idea for a newsletter (referral link):


Here's a list of my favorites - http://pruthvishetty.com/bookmark

In Australia, The Sizzle is the shizz... https://thesizzle.com.au/

It would appear as not many people either know or make a difference of a mailing list and a newsletter, since most things linked here are newsletters.

I enjoy Software Lead Weekly: http://softwareleadweekly.com/

Unsupervised Learning Newsletter by Daniel Miessler - https://danielmiessler.com/podcast/

It's both a weekly newsletter and a podcast.

In the words of its author:

> I do a weekly show called Unsupervised Learning where I curate the most interesting stories in infosec, technology, and humans, and talk about why they matter.

For every open source project that you are reliant on, there are probably two mailing lists: one for the developers, and one for the users.

Take a look at both of them; they might be exactly what you need to stay up to date.

For most major non-open-source software projects, there is an unofficial users' mailing list. This is usually much more useful than the official support forum. Try finding it.

I have a personal newsletter where every week I post a mistake I've made programming or in my career, and what readers can learn from it. For me it's helped improve my programming, for readers it helps them avoid my mistakes: https://softwareclown.com

Aside from getting the daily email from Medium - Machine Learnings - http://subscribe.machinelearnings.co/ - The Hacker News - https://thehackernews.com/

Stacey on IoT - https://staceyoniot.com/

I recommend Weekend Reading by Assaf Arkin to everyone, covers several topics from design and front-end to security, tooling and peopleware. More than just a collection of links, includes a bit of commentary which makes it feel much more personal.


The Morning Paper

That would be :https://blog.acolyer.org.

> an interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer

More on the beginner/intermediate end of the spectrum, the Viking Weekly Code Review pulls together resources helpful for learners and has a section on coding music each week:


I curate a mailing list called The Weekly M(AI)L focused on the applications of AI/ML: http://eepurl.com/cE6e9H

I personally also read PMHQ Weekly, Matt Levine, O'Reily's AI Newsletter and Benedict Evans. Would highly recommend them all!

:D thanks for the shoutout. https://www.productmanagerhq.com (link for PMHQ Weekly newsletter)

One that I've subscribed to for a very long time is "The Scout Report". Weekly set of 20 or so links to eclectic liberal arts things, but would appeal to a proportion of the folks here. (https://scout.wisc.edu/about)

Mattermark Daily - "A human curated newsletter that brings you the best perspectives, insights, and lessons learned from investors and operators in the startup ecosystem."


I've started adding these to an "awesome" list. It'll probably stand the test of time better, feel free to help contribute:


I have one based on my blog. Its focused on documenting my experiences learning various techs. Subscribe for something different and not commercial. No spam or bs.


Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR.org) articles: http://fair.org/

They are infrequent enough (a couple daily) to be OK in my mailbox, and are very good way to supplement news I'm consuming.

Delancey Place - excerpts from a range of non-fiction books. Usually has something interesting to read to start the day, and a good place to find interesting books


Shameless plug for DevOps'ish https://DevOpsish.com

Trying to lower the barrier to entry for all those involved in DevOps while highlighting cool ish going on in the industry.

For data science: https://www.datascienceweekly.org

We have tens of thousands of data scientists and up-and-coming data scientists who subscribe.

Software Lead Weekly is consistently full of useful and interesting articles: http://softwareleadweekly.com/

related but off-topic: Would it be nice if we could just go meta and share newsletters as "self-updating" bookmarks on something like pinboard(just a happy user here)? Next step - implementing machine-learning so that we have consistent static types. Tags are great but after a while I feel users forget them after a while and personally its a cognitive load on my side to make data structures of tags in my head. The second layer could be personal tags so that we have a more dynamic view. Is there something like this?

yeah, RSS.

Weekly security news: https://securitynewsletter.co/ (Disclaimer: I started it)

2read.today for its mix of tech, tools, and misc interesting article links. https://2read.today

I really enjoy the CTO Mentor Network: https://ctomentor.network/

Simon Black's Notes from the Field...

It's a financial newsletter. I figure why not get a more global perspective on investing and finance.

My application security newsletter (https://dadario.com.br)

As a python dev I read : http://pycoders.com/

curl https://news.ycombinator.com/item\?id\=14086259 | recode -f html..ascii | grep -oP "https?:\/\/[^\"\<\/]+" | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn

     11 https://github.com
      8 https://www.getrevue.co
      8 https://changelog.com
      6 https://www.cronweekly.com
      6 https://thesizzle.com.au
      6 https://blog.acolyer.org
      4 http://www.hackernewsletter.com
      4 http://www.devopsweekly.com
      4 http://weekly.monitoring.love
      4 http://us7.campaign-archive2.com
      4 https://www.schneier.com
      4 https://www.bloomberg.com
      4 https://thebrowser.com
      4 https://sreweekly.com
      4 http://softwareleadweekly.com
      4 https://dbader.org
      4 https://cooperpress.com
      4 http://pycoders.com
      4 http://ben-evans.com
      3 https://www.google.com
      2 http://www.ycombinator.com
      2 http://www.thejournal.email
      2 http://www.quantumweekly.com
      2 http://www.pythonweekly.com
      2 http://www.pointer.io
      2 http://www.oppsdaily.com
      2 http://www.metzdowd.com
      2 http://www.juliezhuo.com
      2 http://www.finsmes.com
      2 http://www.craftinginterpreters.com
      2 http://webopsweekly.com
      2 http://us3.forward-to-friend1.com
      2 http://us10.campaign-archive1.com
      2 http://tedium.co
      2 https://www.vikingcodeschool.com
      2 https://www.sixtenproject.com
      2 https://www.reddit.com
      2 https://www.nngroup.com
      2 https://www.newyorker.com
      2 https://www.launchticker.com
      2 https://www.indiehackers.com
      2 https://www.gwern.net
      2 https://www.feistyduck.com
      2 https://www.datascienceweekly.org
      2 https://www.androiddevdigest.com
      2 https://umaar.com
      2 http://subscribe.machinelearnings.co
      2 https://tinyletter.com
      2 https://thehackernews.com
      2 https://stratechery.com
      2 https://staceyoniot.com
      2 https://scout.wisc.edu
      2 https://reddit.cool
      2 https://react.statuscode.com
      2 https://porter.io
      2 https://news.ycombinator.com
      2 https://mattermark.com
      2 https://mailman.srv.cs.cmu.edu
      2 https://lists.randombit.net
      2 https://lists.eff.org
      2 https://lastweekinaws.com
      2 https://labnotes.org
      2 https://iosdevweekly.com
      2 https://inside.com
      2 https://getputpost.co
      2 https://feedly.com
      2 https://DevOpsish.com
      2 https://dadario.com.br
      2 https://ctomentor.network
      2 https://club.macstories.net
      2 http://scalatimes.com
      2 https://beta.hndigest.com
      2 https://a16z.com
      2 http://pruthvishetty.com
      2 http://postgresweekly.com
      2 http://pablojuan.com
      2 http://llvmweekly.org
      2 http://lererhippeau.com
      2 http://kottke.org
      2 http://javascriptweekly.com
      2 http://jack-clark.net
      2 http://hndigest.com
      2 http://hackerpixels.com
      2 http://hackernewsbooks.com
      2 http://hackaday.com
      2 http://frontendfocus.co
      2 http://freshpatents.com
      2 http://fortune.com
      2 http://flowingdata.com
      2 http://fermatslibrary.com
      2 http://fair.org
      2 http://delanceyplace.com
      2 http://androidweekly.net
      2 http://ambassadors.thehustle.co
      1 http://www.kurzweilai.net
      1 https://hn.algolia.com

Found a good one about growing side hustles the other day. Been valuable so far! - https://www.sixtenproject.com/ (Six to Ten Project)

How do you consume this data? RSS feed?

The Haskell Cafe is quite interesting.

Just the links from comments:













































































































My mailing lists include:

# avc.com

# Ben Evans

# azeem azhar

# social capital

# aeon

# farnam street

# nautilus

# Axios's pro rata

# mattermark

# delancey place

# quanta magazine



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