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Disabling notifications, both on my phone and on my laptop, was one of the best things I ever did, hands down.

For the laptop, I've experimented with logging out of most social networks with some good results.

I block out an hour every day or so for email and the like, and during that time, I'll re-log-in to Facebook. But outside of that, I stay logged-out, and 2FA helps by making the login process even less convenient.

Messenger and Twitter do get re-enabled when I'm at a conference or need to coordinate with people via those channels, but otherwise, it's just another cognitive burden and potential source of bees-in-head.

When I'm at home, I also leave my phone in the charger in the bedroom. Out of sight really has been out of mind.

Oh, and no phone in the bathroom has been a very good rule as well, in terms of breaking bad habits.

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