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> I need the Internet for ...workwork...

> You probably don’t, and maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

That's where I stopped reading as obviously this article is not directed at me.

Unless there is a way to troubleshoot and fix remote servers in the middle of the night without internet.

Yes I agree with you and I think, for people with our type of needs, a more sensible approach would be to switch from smart to dumb phone, in fact I have been thinking about that for a while now.

That would be throwing out the good with the bad. The phone isn't just an internet portal, it's a music player, a navigation system, an audiobook player, a book reader, etc.

Yep. I've deleted Facebook and it's reduced my time wasting. I still pull my phone out, swipe left, swipe right, realize there's nothing for me to do and then put my phone away. (I have most notifications turned to minimal/off)

But LOVE my audio books and podcasts and google maps and digital note pad and dictionary and wikipedia... And never feel guilty about those things.

Your phone can do all those things without a continuous data connection.

Dumb phones can do audio too.

But sure, better to get rid of the data connection than the smarts.

Sorry that doesn't sound sensible to me at all. How about we keep the tools and learn to discipline ourselves better?

Part of learning self-discipline is learning what triggers or facilitates undesired behavior and modifying one's environment to increase desired behavior. This can include limiting internet access, such as removing home internet, or switching to a dumb phone. This isn't weakness; it's learning about oneself and working with what you have. Certainly, there are ways to increase will-power, but relying purely on will-power can be difficult for many people.

I didn't say it was "weakness". I meant it seemed like unnecessarily crippling oneself. It might be valuable for many people to investigate why they can't stop themselves from overusing their smartphones. Sure if they end up realizing that they can't manage to stop themselves, it would make sense to change the environment, but why give up without even trying? This really seems like the opposite of learning self-discipline.

I didn't mean to imply that you said it was a weakness, though I did think some may consider it as such ("what, you don't have enough self-control to limit your smartphone usage?"). I'm addressing the fact that self-control is not limitless (even if developed and increased) and that if one's goal is to be more productive, one should feel free to use the tools available to them, which include both modifying one's environment and increasing self-control. And of course any modifications have to fit in with how you want to live your life. If it's crippling, it's not a useful modification. Having a dumbphone may be crippling to some, and liberating to others.

You seem to have dismissed the former entirely with "that doesn't seem sensible to me at all", and here leave it as only a last resort. I don't believe that's a useful way to view it. Use the tools you have available to modify your behavior.

Because you don't have infinite willpower.

You don't need "infinite" willpower. You might even need very little once you've changed into a default mode of using your phone less. By the way it's still unclear whether ego-depletion is a real phenomenon AFAIK.

"If people would just eat less they wouldn't be overweight!"

You will need more willpower than what most people have, and so the problem remains.

Now what?

I'm noticing that for me, simply disrupting the pattern does wonders. A background process that re-bans websites via localhost redirect in my hosts file every few hours does wonders, for example.

A bad habit I can fall into as easily as breathing is a problem.

A bad habit I have to indulge in some effort to perform, puts me in the position of needing willpower to indulge in it!

Are you disciplining yourself enough, whilst you post here?

What's wrong with posting here?

Please don't do ad hominem; it is not conducive to a healthy discussion.

That would probably be a better way to improve productivity since I rarely use my phone for phone calls but it is still always by my side.

Maybe a dongle/phone you can connect to, but don't use?

Fun (semi-related) story, I once had someone steal my mac power cable on a bus ride from Quito to Banos, Tungurahua in Ecuador http://bit.ly/2olVpLT and had to install putty on an internet computer from 2003 to get into a server to reboot a process. That was when I realized that Internet access was no longer a luxury for me.

This article highly underestimates the skill type and level of the audience and hence should come with a disclaimer warning us about it.

Why not just uninstall your internet browser on your main user account?

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