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That looks very interesting. I suppose they keep running even when there is no visitor looking, so you come back the next day and they did all sort of things.

Are you planning to keep it for yourself or will we see a Show HN someday?

I'll probably share it if it gets anywhere - it's still early days for the project, but it'll be open source on https://github.com/ajeffrey/civarium

This sounds very interesting and fun. Would be cool for a raspberry pi picture frame type of thing

it would actually :)

Could you maybe share a screenshot?

it's very early days yet, but here's a build from a few days ago: http://imgur.com/a/iUyj9

the sprites can walk around by themselves and the tiles can be generated - I'm currently working on the AI for the sprites and assembling the tiles procedurally so I can start adding GOAP and construction planning.

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