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Ask HN: What are the 3 websites you visit every single day?
78 points by hubatrix on Apr 10, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 83 comments
Other than HN. technical or not but you feel you need to visit it once a day at least.

I would've said: 1) news.ycombinator.com, 2) hn.algolia.com, and 3) hn.premii.com

But putting aside HN and the 'typical' daily stuff like weather, transit, uh, 'private' stuff, etc.:

1. De Correspondent: a web-only subscription-based newspaper that has a pretty unique and very successful approach. Instead of the classical 'lots of news items as things unfold, hot off the press, and lots of barely rewritten AP feeds' model, it publishes fewer, longer, better-researched articles that provide more context. Basically, it tries to avoid the 'whims' of the day. It actively tries to center itself around the correspondents who get to write series on their area of expertise, and has done a very admirable job asking readers what they should be focusing on. And best of all, they're in the process of creating an English version of it. For now you'd have to learn Dutch for most of it.

2. tvcountdown.com: despite my resolve to watch less television, I still follow a bunch of shows and always forget when they air.

3. duolingo.com: currently learning Spanish. I'm shocked by how well the 'few minutes daily' approach works!

PS: hey HN overlords. I truly love this wonderful timesink here, but can we have markdown please!?!

Si quieres practicar Español escríbeme un email (if you want to practice some Spanish send me an email).

I also know some programmers Slacks in Spain, which might be easy as all the technical words are in English.

What country Spanish are you aiming for though? They are slightly different (more than American English vs British English).

Instead of tvcountdown.com, You could use http://tvshowtime.com/

Thanks! That looks much better.

Thank you so so much for mentioning algolia. Prior to now, I had never heard of them but checking out the site, it sure would come in handy.


Dilbert: http://dilbert.com

And for a daily dose of science:

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html

Earth Science Picture of the Day: http://epod.usra.edu

Also: Yahoo and/or Google Finance (on business days), and usually news.google.com.

Had not visited techmeme before. Was surprised about the amount of detail in the headings for articles. The opposite of clickbait. I wonder how much that is editorial intent or just happy accidents of culture. Not familiar with the site at all but could see myself coming back.

Techmeme is probably the most inside source on SV. It's read by journalists and definitely influences the more mainstream tech news sites like TechCrunch, The Verge. The Information is another very inside source but geared toward founders and execs because of their business model -- expensive user subscriptions (~$400/year). Quality is top notch though.

- Emails (zoho, hotmail)

- HN

- http://localhost:3000

whats is deployed at http://localhost:3000

it's the dev build of my web app development tool. Also occasionally a little zero-player game I'm building for fun.

Zero player game sounds interesting. Is this some kind of simulation?

it's an isometric civ game with a bunch of little game-AI agents who go about their days. It's like an aquarium or an ant farm, but with little AI people.

That looks very interesting. I suppose they keep running even when there is no visitor looking, so you come back the next day and they did all sort of things.

Are you planning to keep it for yourself or will we see a Show HN someday?

I'll probably share it if it gets anywhere - it's still early days for the project, but it'll be open source on https://github.com/ajeffrey/civarium

This sounds very interesting and fun. Would be cool for a raspberry pi picture frame type of thing

it would actually :)

Could you maybe share a screenshot?

it's very early days yet, but here's a build from a few days ago: http://imgur.com/a/iUyj9

the sprites can walk around by themselves and the tiles can be generated - I'm currently working on the AI for the sprites and assembling the tiles procedurally so I can start adding GOAP and construction planning.

Good for long form articles on culture:

Arts and Letters Daily (http://www.aldaily.com/)

World and UK news. I try to avoid the identity politics articles - they are of a much lower quality than the other content. The comment sections are often very insightful and of a much higher standard than most other news sites:

The Guardian (https://www.theguardian.com/uk)

"Adversarial journalism":

The Intercept (https://theintercept.com)

Excluding core utilitarian sites like Google/FB and anything personal....

Bloomberg, YouTube, Stack Exchange sites.

I used to visit Reddit daily, had to stop to try to get away from Trump mania. I cut out a lot of sites that have gone off the deep-end in regards to 24/7 Trump, such as Business Insider (it had dropped in quality long before that, granted).

Curiously while I use Netflix and Amazon Video via dedicated hardware & TV, I never use YouTube that way (and probably never will). I believe it's due to the average presentation length of content on said services and the purpose (educational/informative vs large screen entertainment).

1. http://skimfeed.com/ 2. Reddit 3. Youtube

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html

GitHub: https://github.com/


ClickUp: (for my teams PM) https://clickup.com/

How do I upvote one third of a comment?

Downvote twice and upvote once.

This is why I love this community!

1. news.ycombinator.com 2. Reddit 3. Local news site

- http://serializer.io my tool for following HN and reddit

- https://feedbin.com for whole range of other RSS feeds

...then I end up here reading the comments.

I try not to read my email at the weekend.

Nice feature set with the reading time indicators and toggleable sources. Added to my list of HN apps & tools.


Thanks - glad you like it. That's quite the list!

- http://thedailywtf.com/

- HN

- Feedly for news feeds

1. HackerNews 2. Reddit 3. YouTube

which subredit most?

Soccer, python, roomporn, the wallpaper ones.

Reddit, BoingBoing, and one between Guardian and BBCNews depending on how I feel (Guardian editorial agendas piss me off so much on a periodic basis, I stop reading for months at a time).

NYTimes.com elderofziyon.blogspot.com Newyorker.com

- Hacker News

- Youtube

- Gmail

Youtube (lots of great content if you look for it and set up your subscriptions)

NY times, (subscribe! Support journalism)

and Reddit (front page only)

* Habitica.com - This game has actually made me start more than one real world good habit.

* news.ycombinator.com

* Youtube.com

The Guardian


That's the only two I visit every single day.

Twitter, Reddit, and entirely against my better judgement, well you can probably guess.

1. News: Business Insider/CNN /Local news 2. news.ycombinator.com 3. Linkedin

Ars Technica, Reddit, Verge

1. facebook (chat) 2. reddit (custom front page) 3. gmail

Feedly (RSS with HN feed as well), Reddit, and Twitter.

devRant's feed https://www.devrant.io/feed HN, Reddit

HN, Reddit, nytimez

paulgraham.com - for essays

twitter.com - for paul graham's tweets+retweets and for Calvin and Hobbes

youtube.com - well for music. but mostly for new content discovery

I was hoping you'd say YouTube for Paul Graham talks given the first 2 :p

his talks on youtube are mostly based on startups, so I don't see them because I am not planning to start up any soon. his essays still have some general essays that I like reading.

I take it you're a fan of Paul Graham?


1) HN 2) Whatever is on HN 3) Akka documentation




Not the most interesting reply, I know


instapundit.com - commentary on current affairs


inframationgroup.com/infraasia/ - Infrastructure Asia news

Hacker News, Marginal Revolution, Netflix?

1. Reddit

2. Internal company site

3. Bank website

1. 9to5Mac 2. AWS Blog 3. Hacker News

skimfeed.com mynoise.net Google news

- Hacker News - Anandtech - Dropmark

Hackernews, IndieHackers and Reddit

skimfeed and reddit. no third one.


Hacker news Linux.com anandtech

Facebook, YouTube, Nudevista.

Inoreader, Facebook, Youtube

Twitter, Reddit, Bloomberg.

github.com and travis-ci.org of course.

reddit.com, kinokalender.com, letterboxd.com

feedly.com HN dilbert.com

Feedly, YouTube, Twitter

Ars technica, HN, Kotaku

1. HN 2. Wired 3. Imgur

theoldreader.com for feeds.

Google inbox.


seriouseats.com, smbc.com, nytimes.com

- Twitter (hacker-News Bot)

- Proton Mail

- jw.org

hacker news, duolingo, raywenderlich

theverge.com, nytimes.com, feedly.com

ycombinator, reddit, twitter.

1. HN

2. Github

3. Reddit

1. Hacker News 2. Comic Rocket (tracks new web comics that I haven't read yet, like xkcd, etc.) 3. Local news site

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