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> As far as I can tell, none of the ape comments were made by Milo? Which specific comment of his did he do so, or incite harassment?

Milo wasn't doing the racist jabs, no. shitgoose said that Leslie Jones was just as bad as Milo because she also tried to sic her fanbase on someone (Whitebecky1776). I was pointing out that Whitebecky1776 provoked Jones with repeated racial slurs, whereas Jones provoked Milo by being in a movie he didn't like; perhaps Jones should have received some sort of disciplinary action, but the situations aren't really equivalent.

I got the Whitebecky1776 stuff from http://www.irontroll.com/2016/07/milos-friend-whitebecky1776..., and the stuff about Milo sharing fake Twitter screenshots from https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2016/07.... Note also that Milo had been repeatedly warned for violating Twitter's rules before this incident; he can hardly claim that Jones got more second chances than he did.

(1) Jones sends her followers to harass Milo, (2) Milo does not like Jones's movie. Milo gets banned. Jones doesn't. Yea, situations aren't really equivalent.

Just for the record, you made that up. Milo went after her first.

...Do you think the "get her" tweet you posted above was directed at Milo? You may be confused.

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