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Squarespace | NYC, NY / New York, NY | ONSITE only Apply at: http://grnh.se/dn27gt1

Squarespace is hiring pretty much everyone:

-PMs (mid-level to senior, 5+ years exp)

-UX Researcher (4+ years exp)

-Engineers (Mobile, web, infrastructure, SRE, data..., generally 2+ years exp),

-Designers (Web & Product, also a Photo Retoucher)


-Data Scientist

-& more!

You should work here because it's a great place to work. Period. Squarespace boasts one of the most beautiful offices in the world, daily lunch, fully covered health insurance, unlimited vacation (and a recommended 4-5 weeks) and a solid 401k match. Much more importantly, though, working at Squarespace means working with a great community of people who love design and are passionate about great products. This is a company that cares deeply about its employees and employees who care deeply about their product. We're very proud here to be building the platform that both democratizes the web and pushes forward its design.

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have questions (I'm a PM here, former FE Engineer) or just want to chat. tmiller @ squarespace.com

Apply at http://grnh.se/dn27gt1

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