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UCLA CS88S: Safety in the Cloud – Introduction to Cybersecurity (docs.google.com)
186 points by kfrankc on April 7, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 47 comments

We're doing training sessions for journalists and NGOs on these topics right now (I'm off to NYC tomorrow to do a big session with Erin, the Latacora people, Maciej Ceglowski, and others). Let us know if you want to compare notes; we do this work professionally.

Can you share your notes/slides that are used to train journalists and NGOS? Content vetted by security professionals can go a long way in educating the general population. Eg- In this case OP might find your notes useful, but more generally, it would be a good starting point for anyone who wants to increase awareness about security in their local communities. Given the fact that even on HN there is objectively terrible security advice and recommendations floating around, security professionals' advice needs to be heard.

A short outline of the material is here:


That would be great! I would really appreciate that.

I think this is something worth showing in your class


Thanks for the suggestion! Will look into it.

What kind topics will you be covering? What do you mean by "The Cloud?" That's kind of an catch-all term these days.

I have a course syllabus available here: http://kfrankc.me/cs88s/USIE_Syllabus.pdf

That's a sharp looking PDF. May I ask what software or template you used?

I'd assume LaTeX. The wizardry is strong with this one.

I am betting on Microsoft Publisher. Isn't it hard to get the template right using LaTex?

PDF metadata confirms that you are correct, it was MS Publisher 2013.

> Isn't it hard to get the template right using LaTex


No programming or prior knowledge in cs is required, just an interest for a more cybersecurity-aware population! Fill out this form if you want to receive weekly updates on materials and slides!

Can you tell us a little more about the qualifications you have for teaching such a class?

Hi! The seminar is part of a program at UCLA called Undergraduate Student Initiated Education (USIE); it is specifically for undergraduate students who want to teach a 1 unit seminar. I have personally taken an upper division CS course on cybersecurity at UCLA, and my professor is my faculty mentor!

Teaching something is a great way of reinforcing the material for yourself, since to end up having to conceptualize the material in a few different ways to meet your students at their own level of understanding. I think it's cool that UCLA is giving undergraduates that opportunity.

Thank you for the support!

How far are you willing to boost the signal on this? I have a few friends I might send the sign-up to who aren't on HN, if that's alright.

Sure thing; the weekly emails will contain the slides I use, as well as relevant articles covered each week.

Some confirmation that this isnt fake:

http://kfrankc.me/cs88s/ links to the same form. https://github.com/kfrankc?tab=repositories includes a photo of him and links to the same kfrankc.me

https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=v2iJEd8AAAAJ&hl=en Links to the same kfrankc.me

seems legit.

You can also check out the class schedule listed at UCLA's class listing.


> "nothing is more important to democracy than an educated electorate"

You would do a great service to the privacy scene by not using Google Docs for sign up forms! (Or in general..)

Are there any deadlines involved or exams for those of us following online? Sorry if this sounds a bit off but I've never partaken in anything like this. Thanks!

No worries, there were others who also asked this question! There are no exams or deadlines; I'll be simply sending out a weekly email with the slides and relevant articles that we discussed in class.

Do you have any plans to also release video of the seminar?

As of right now, I don't have video setup, but I'm working on that!

Apparently you can only sign up if you have a google account?

UCLA creates gmail accounts for all students (if they don't already have one) so using Google products is standard. A lot of people are hating on him for using Google stuff, but not all of these decisions are up to him, he has to get them approved and Google is (unfortunately) pretty standard here

That's unfortunate, interesting though.

I signed up with our University account (albeit managed by Google).

I signed up with a .ac.uk not managed by Google. (MS Exchange.)

"No programming or computer science background is required to understand the material"

No thanks.

If any CS students are reading this, and want to get published, I know of a couple security-themed journals that are always looking for general interest articles. Something like "The state of security awareness within NGOs" is exactly what some are looking for. An article in a proper journal is a badge on any resume.

Does anyone know of such a journal(for general interest articles) for machine learning, deep learning, etc.?

Hey, heyyy did I just hear impact factor? Ah, nevermind.

Could you share some of these journals?

I am involved with this one and we are always looking for good material: http://www.issa.org/?CallforArticles

Our editorial board does read everything submitted. I cannot remember any article that has been published without at least some back-and-forth. I can promise that you will at least get some feedback, something many don't provide.

And for law/policy types: http://www.americanbar.org/publications/scitech_lawyer/2017/...

How can I get in touch with you?

Email is in my profile.

I had already looked at your profile but it isn't there.

sorry. I thought it was visible. It should be there now.

i like the fact that the course number is 88. nice.

All courses at ucla that are taught by undergrads are 88S courses, just happens to be that way interestingly

> All courses at ucla that are taught by undergrads are 88S courses

So kfranc is the only CS UG doing it? (Since it's listed as CS88S.)

> just happens to be that way interestingly

Can you or GP explain why '88' is 'interesting', or something to 'like'?

In China, "Number 88 symbolizes fortune and good luck in Chinese culture" according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/88_%28number%29 which is why I thought it nice.

My original comment was downvoted and I didn't understand why. Now I think I know. I just learned that there's another really disturbing meaning of 88. It's used by Neo-Nazis as shorthand for "HH" since "H" is the eighth letter in the alphabet. (You get one guess what "HH" is shorthand for.)

That meaning is NOT nice. It's awful.

Sorry if my comment was interpreted to mean that I thought Neo Nazism or Hitler was nice. That is definitely not what I meant.

(What can I say? I've seen 88 in Chinese restaurants and stores. But I've never seen it used in a Neo Nazi way before. Ugh. Sorry folks.)

Yes, kfranc is the only undergraduate student teaching CS88S. Other students teach other 88 courses. For example, I'm a neuro student, and if I wanted to teach a class on some topic then it would be NS88S.

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