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>Can you link to a racist tweet she has actually posted?

Here you go, the list is not comprehensive:

https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/463074782205190144 https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/440339119239991296 https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/504060745026637825 https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/169001733417213952

As for inciting others to personally harass someone, Leslie Jones herself is very guilty of that, even moreso than Milo. Nowhere did Milo say (as far as I remember) something like "go and harass her", while she did exactly that to someone https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/755218642674020352

EDIT: I don't understand the downvotes, can someone explain why? Those are links directly to her twitter, primary source. Nothing is made up by me. Just because it goes against your opinion?

Yes, that is likely the reason for the downvotes.

For reference, source text from https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/755218642674020352

"Replying to @PetriJonathan @whitebecky1776 bitch I want to tell you about your self but I'm gonna let everybody else do it I'm gonna retweet your hate!! Get her!!"

Inarguably inciting harassment.

The last couple of years have been a disaster in terms of brigading and willful ignorance of evidence that does not fit the narrative of the commentator. Rational views are easily drowned out online, becoming a signal vs noise issue.

I see this on a daily basis, on all aspects of the politial spectrum. Bigger issue than fake news in my opinion.

How are those tweets racist? She is pointing out that slavery condoned rape. That's not racist, it's called history.

These seem pretty racist:

> get the fuck outta here a white boy is best dj wtf?

> wait a minute is solomon sitting by a white women…#imgonnafuckhimup

Are you actually threatened by these comments?

Being threatened is not a qualifier for being racist. You can definitely be extremely racist without threatening anyone.

I just feel that, like all things, there's a context around racism.

Solomon might be.

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