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We're building an SMS chatbot for the Canadian cannabis market. It allows you to purchase marijuana directly from dispensaries and licensed producers in a few messages. We’re adding NLP and a basic recommendation engine to help increase retention and drive purchases.

We built out the infrastructure in a hackathon and are grinding away at an MVP. Starting to demo for dispensaries soon. I think we’re really on to something! People have been texting their drug dealer since.. well, the advent of cell phones, so we aren’t changing behaviour. It’s just nicer to chat with a friendly bot (with dispensary to doorstep delivery) than exchanging goods from a blacked-out Malibu in a Walmart parking lot.

Landing page here: http://hicanna.io/ Super happy to discuss our stack or anything else if you’re interested in the project.

Hey, not sure if this is helpful but I have a side project that might save you some work: https://www.smsinbox.net

Very cool - I'll look into it

I think you're on to something. Not much time left before July 1 2018, I hope you can build a good team of partners/PR. Good luck!

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