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Made this web app to help you figure out how your favorite language is doing in the job market / what to learn next.

Every month I scan the previous months’ Hacker News 'Who Is Hiring' thread and build these stats. Hope others find this useful. Constructive feedback welcome.

This is only the first version. Next I'm planning to add more data for previous months/years as well and show the evolution of individual languages over time.


I like it.

A couple of little things:

    You've got both "Objective-C" and "Objective C"

    It would be nice to separate out the APIs, like Cocoa and QT, or make a different graph for APIs/Frameworks

Thank you, hadn't caught that. Will definitely add more graphs for frameworks and other things in future versions.

Damn, no FORTRAN.

Really neat website. Would be awesome to set a time frame or pick a month etc.

Thank you, will be adding that in next versions.

Neat app!

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