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It would be great to sit with the Rstudio-notebooks developers and user and discuss how we could get the two platform to converge and be more interoperable. I guess both team have a lot on their plate, and we would need more manpower, but understanding and collaborating with other project for the good of user is always something the Jupyter team is happy to do.

I'm happy to connect you anytime! Just come by the west wing of the office. :)

The jupyter team has been working on jupyter lab which is a more r studio style environment. It incorperates notebooks, terminals, file editing, traditional ipython console, plus some other cool stuff in a web ide. You should be able to use an R jupyter kernel with it.

It's in alpha right now but they're making crazy fast progress on it. I've been using it and it's awesome

Yes I know I'm one of the Jupyter dev :-) there is still a difference in notebook format and protocols. In that sens JupyterLab is not more compatible with Rstudio than the normal notebook.

Lol, sorry - well hopefully someone else reading this thread can find out about jupyter lab. it really is amazing.

Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Didn't Yhat already try this with Rodeo?

Something like Beaker? (www.beakernotebook.com)

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