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That's still pretty high for a London wage though. While living costs are the same, salaries are about half across the board in London. Just moved back from there.

I suspect that the finance industry doesn't have that problem in London. Someone's buying up all the 2mil quid houses (other than oil wealthy investors).

If the salaries are half, is the recruiting process accordingly easier in London?

how do people get by with 70K in london?

People get by with a lot less. The median household income in London was £39k in 2013 [1]

[1] https://data.london.gov.uk/apps_and_analysis/gla-household-i...

Dude ... you can "get by" on £70K in London. Most people get by on MUCH less. £70K would get you a nice rental flat, eating out anytime you like and still saving about £20-30K a year. And that's if you're single, if you're sharing expenses you could save more.

"get by", seriously?

The median salary for London is £34,473 (2015 data).

With that salary you could easily save £1500 a month

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