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> 1. What percentage of Android devices download apps exclusively from Play?

The entirety of China doesn't even have Google Play Store.

That's hardly Google's fault.

It's directly Google's fault that even the Play Store app isn't available. They make Google Play not easily installable. Their own help page says, after looking for the app:

"If the Google Play Store app still isn't showing up, contact your carrier or manufacturer for help. "

Who's fault is it? Why doesn't Google allow it to be installed on all devices?

>Who's fault is it?

Chinese Government.

>Why doesn't Google allow it to be installed on all devices?

You can install it on devices (with varying difficulty depending on if you can unlock bootloader). It just doesn't come pre-installed on any device sold within China.

While you certainly can, it isn't legal to do so. Plus it might not work very well.

I think there is a difference between Google branded Android and AOSP (Android Open Source). Anybody (users or carriers or phone manufacturers) can build and install AOSP, and Google can't provide updates or force them to install Google play store. Also, AOSP being open source is easier to tinker with (install apps from unverified sources etc.).

When media reports security bugs for Android, it is hardly clear whether the bugs affect AOSP or the Google branded Android, and to what extend.

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