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Rigetti Computing | Full-stack Web Engineer | Berkeley, CA | Onsite | Fulltime

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/rigetti/fd6715c9-99fd-4295-b843-c42d82...

Rigetti Computing is developing cloud-deployed quantum computers to solve humanity's most pressing and valuable problems. As a full-stack engineer on the Rigetti software team, you’ll develop performance tools and web applications that help us configure, test and analyze our quantum computers.

Rigetti engineers are a passionate, dedicated team working across multiple scientific and engineering disciplines including RF electronics, cryogenics, superconducting circuits, mechanical engineering and computer science. We build our software using reliable technologies such as Docker, Flask, Linux, Postgres and Python. Expertise in these areas is a plus but having familiarity with other common web languages and relational databases are fine substitutes. We are looking for engineers who understand that simplicity and reliability are aspects of a system to be carefully evaluated with every technical decision. The full-stack web engineer is a foundational role in our software organization and will form the kernel of a growing web team.

Kinds of projects you would work on over the course of a typical week:

- Prototype a web application for browsing test and measurement data.

- Whiteboard a fix to our production software and then make it happen.

- Work with internal customers on designing and coding a REST API.

- Collaborate with peers to provide feedback on a technical design proposal.

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