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So apparently "phone manufacturer must preload all Google applications" and "phone manufacturer must set Google as default search engine", and "Google network service must be preloaded" made it in the contract, but "phone manufacturer must update the phone" didn't. Those sneaky phone manufacturers !!

Maybe "fast updates" is a standard clause in the contracts and device manufacturers are simply doing a bad job and Google doesn't want to piss off all its partners by litigating this.

Those things you listen actually make less work for the manufacturers, and speedy updates make more work - that solves the mystery for me at least.

Oh, its not a mystery at all. Its just odd to come across people (in general, not you) who still think an advertising company would care all that much about their users (who are not their customers anyway). But yes, they're quite far from being the worst in this aspect.

They can care for selfish reasons. If android is completely riddled with bugs and is constantly compromised users will use a different phone system. Even outside security issues being able to roll out new features to people keep them from switching to iOS or Windows Phones.

Clearly lack of updates is not meaningfully hindering Android's success.

Well I'm guilty of that same conception too. Why are the two at odds? Google wants to own the best platform for users out there. Engineers want to work on the best, app developers want to work on the best, and users want to use the best they can afford.

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