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VR Game Developer | Autism Therapy | Washington DC based startup.

Floreo (http://floreotech.com) is an early-stage startup in Washington DC developing a first of its kind virtual reality platform to deliver children’s therapy. Our first product is focused on VR-based autism therapy. We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, doctors, designers, therapists, parents, and artists and we are working in the uncharted territory of VR for delivery of therapist mediated therapeutic experiences. This is a unique opportunity to build a highly challenging technically grounded product that has the potential of helping families in immeasurable ways. We are looking for a second developer to join our team with the following qualities: Game development experience using a commercial game engine such as Unity or Unreal is required Experience in all aspects of developing a game, from design to fine tuning multiplayer network latencies are highly desirable Experience specifically with VR is a plus Startup experience is highly desired as we are a small team used to wearing lots of hats Our stack currently includes, Unity (using CSharp), to implement the VR / in game experience. We are using “Google VR for Unity” AKA daydream/cardboard to build for iOS and Android. We are using in house developed 3D and audio assets. We run our own backend and API, written in Go on AWS.

Please send an email to jobs@floreotech.com and mention HN.

Also visit: http://floreotech.com/careers/

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