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AIR.TV | Los Angeles | Full Time, Onsite | http://air.tv

AIR.TV is an online video platform and advertising solution.

We are a tiny team working out of a private office in Mid-City, with a line of customers deploying our product and eager for what we're building next. There is a lot of software being created by just a few people, and it's possible for you to make a huge impact. The pace is quick, but with lots of individual flexibility.

It's a very interesting time for us - our latest product is attracting customers faster than we can bring them online. Most ad tech is not defensible, but our product depends on our in-house video platform and our relationships with content producers. Those producers can finally monetize off-YouTube embeds, and at the same time we're bringing significant revenue to web publishers who have built large followings by curating and embedding viral videos.

Our tech stack currently includes: JavaScript (Angular, node.js), Python, BigQuery, and Ansible.

We are patiently searching for great engineers, particularly full-stack developers. If this sounds interesting, please contact us - careers (at) air (dot) tv

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