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Cortx | Software Engineer (Artificial Intelligence Focus) and Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer | Baltimore, Maryland | Full Time, Onsite http://cortx.com

Cortx is a small, profitable, natural language processing startup looking to hire a couple full time software engineers. You would be developing natural language processing software that is able to intelligently read, understand, write, and proofread text. Some applications of this technology include:

- A newspaper comprised entirely of robot authors

- A marketing consultant that uses AI to provide actionable advice to clients

- A machine proofreader that automatically corrects bad grammar

Some tech we use for the Software Engineer position: Scala, Python, Tensorflow Some tech we use for the Full Stack position: Ruby on Rails, React, Redis, PostgreSQL

For both positions we care far more about your software engineering and problem solving abilities everything else. It is relatively easy to learn new languages, frameworks, or libraries, but it is much harder to learn how to work through very difficult problems!

Our interview process involves a coding screen, a more intensive Skype interview, and a final onsite interview.

You can see more info here http://cortx.com/careers/ or you can contact us at jobsatcortxdotcom - make sure to mention that you found us on HN!

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